During our visit to Jamaica, we decided to take a slight detour during our journey around the island, and stop off at the acclaimed, but hidden, Stush in the Bush in Saint Ann Bay. Run by the dynamic couple, Lisa & Chris Binns, they have created a rich and rewarding experience just off the coast of Jamaica. Welcomed into their home and treated like their family, the sight alone was jaw dropping and we felt spoilt to witness the untouched beauty the tropical mountains had to offer. On arrival, Chris takes you on a tour around the farm, discussing their journey and how they executed their culinary vision. Plants & veg are either discussed in depth due to their medicinal properties or collected as every dish on their daily menu is harvested fresh from their farm.  With every step you take further into their world, the deeper your respect intensifies for their way of living. We were truly humbled and appreciative that they opened their home to create a genuine, pure experience for the public to feast on. Tucking into our unreal 3 course meal cooked by ever infectious Lisa, you walk away from the Stush in the Bush experience knowing that every meal has been created with their two values: love and affection.

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